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From: John McCoy (1:249/400)
To: n/a
Date: Fri, 30.03.18 07:01
Re: Boo
On 03/30/18, Paul Hayton said the following...

PH> I don't think it's dying I returned to the scene a few years ago and I
PH> think it's on the up and up... especially in some other zones Smile

Yes, and it has managed to hang on an awfully long time for something that has
supposedly been "dying" since the 90s.

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From: Netsurge (1:229/100)
To: n/a
Date: Fri, 30.03.18 11:43
Re: Boo
On Friday March 30, 2018, John McCoy said to Paul Hayton...

JMC> Yes, and it has managed to hang on an awfully long time for something
JMC> that has supposedly been "dying" since the 90s.

Its great to see that James and Rob have kept development up of Mystic and
Synchronet. It kick starts peoples interest.
Netsurge - - zeus 1.7 - amiga 4ooo

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From: lodger (2:240/8002)
To: n/a
Date: Wed, 24.10.18 19:35
Re: Boo
Netsurge wrote to All:
N> Justing wondering how many systems still pull this echo.
N> This sure brings back some crazy memories!
N> ---
N> Frank Linhares - - zeus 1.7 - amiga 4ooo
N> --- Zeus BBS 1.5
N> * Origin: hysteria bbs - - amiga powered (1:229/100.0)

Add Wintermute BBS to the list ...

Greetings, Niels Haedecke

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