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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sun, 03.11.13 21:56
A regional policy
Re: A regional policy
By: Michael Dukelsky to Janis Kracht on Tue Aug 20 2013 09:43 pm

JK>> But fear not Ward, no one is going to mind if your Zone considers a
JK>> regional policy in a situation like this. Zone 1 did so in the past

MD> Oh, if you have a copy of such a regional policy, could you please send it
MD> to me? It may be useful to read when developing our local policy.

MD> Michael

Hi Michael, sorry for forgetting this echo for a bit. That might be the R13
policy. It was about how we voted in Z1 elections mostly. It was sent to the
Z1C for ratification and approved.

In short it allowed a local net to determine if they would allow points to be
part of their collective vote when each net had only one vote. It also
mandated a net vote for RC but stipulated that the ZC had to approve the
candidate and if not, they got to vote again. In essesence the Z1C could only
at most temporarily appoint an RC if the vote didnt elect one acceptable and
the Z1C had to allow a re-election of a different candidate if the region hate
the appointed one bad enough to vot them out.

Grin, you still had to find one the ZC accepted, but you had more options.

I don't have a copy anymore but Janis or our current RC13 should.

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