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From: Alan Ianson (1:153/757.2)
To: All
Date: Wed, 04.11.20 03:54
bbs archives site?
Re: bbs archives site?
By: T.J. Mcmillen to All on Tue Nov 03 2020 11:01 pm

TM> Anyone else able to download lately from the bbs archive site?
TM> ??? I can see the visible link to ftp the file.
TM> Clicking it won't download it. Right clicking to save as gets me the file
TM> name to save, but then the host never sends the file. Seems to just have
TM> happened within the last week or so.

When I try to right click and save in firefox it says the download cannot be
saved because an unknown error occurred.

So it's not just you.

Ttyl Smile,

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