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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: n/a
Date: Thu, 23.04.20 18:16
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On 2020 Apr 22 13:34:42, you wrote to me:

RS> I wish I had the appitude to understand one bit of that, but it certainly
RS> appears you do thankfully.

with some 30+ years in fidonet, one picks up on the intricacies at times...
especially if they are a developer ;)

RS> Does this mean things should work normally now?

yes... your tests helped to find a bug in a package that may be used by
intermediate systems... that bug has been fixed and as other systems using the
package update, the bug (in this package) will go completely away and mail flow
should be fine... it is possible that some systems with the bug or systems
using a different package with a similar bug may have mail hung up in their
outbounds... eventually, they will be found and either sent on, deleted, or
properly bounced back to the originator...

RS> Ive stopped posting about it so that I wouldnt annoy anyone further.

you're fine and we're good AFAIAC ;)


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