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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Thu, 18.08.11 21:11
Error in the your no
Hello Michiel!

18 Aug 11 22:53, you wrote to Gary Perkins:

GP>> This is a big part of the problem. You're generalizing an entire
GP>> country; a lot of people take offense to that.

MV> As in "Eurotrash pacifist shit pig Pussy"? Or "pissant little
MV> country"? Or perhaps "Genetically defective Swede"? or "Pussy
MV> Dutchwomen"?

Of course you dont tell him the history behind that. do you Michelle?

You dont dare tell him the stories of you all telling us all on how we should
feel about the terror attacks of 9-11..

You remember that, you said it was all our fault and that somehow that made the
attacks somehow justifiable?

You arent telling the truth Michelle, you arent telling Gary about yours and
Feltens provocations!

MV> Yes, you are right, a lot of people take offense to that.

Yet when it comes to people taking offense to what others might say, isnt it
true that you Euro's reserve that right for yourselves and deny it to us, isnt
that correct Michelle?

MV> Sorry Gary, but that is exactly the kind of attitude that has been
MV> pissing us off ever since P4 was rammed down our throat. We have
MV> enough of Z1 playing dictator over the entire fidonet.

and this is more proof that your obtusiveness all along has been aligned with
Zonal Revenge..

*I* didnt ram no policy down your throat!!!

However over the years, I noticed and heard tell of how well adjusted you
Euro's became with Policy, as you all so adeptly used it as a bludgeoning
tool.. While the history in Z1 is rich, filled with Holy Wars and such, you
people literally fought the Crusades!

Dont you all crave regimented routines, dont you require a govt permit in order
to inhale and exhale?

Didnt a Z2C threaten to excommunicate a Belgian Sysop becase that sysop had
registered, when the .be tld came available?

Dont go bellyaching about the past, it cannot be changed, nor is it being
repeated in this case.

Maybe you need to take your dog out of this fight, you are in it for the wrong

GP>> We don't care who's in charge of the echo, so long as it's
GP>> someone who's not actively attacking inside it.

MV> ... As long as it is not someone form Z2 who moderates Z2 style. No,
MV> you want it done YOUR way! And if you don't get that, you use force to
MV> get what you want.

A strawman, had your boy not had his agenda of hate, this would not have

It might not have happened if you werent misguided, you could have played the
voice of reason?

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