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From: Douglas Connor (2:203/2)
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Date: Mon, 29.12.08 18:48
Season's Greetings
Ward Dossche -> Douglas Connor wrote:
MM>>> I'm split between physics and psychology myself - how might those
MM>>> match up ?

DC>> oh my do you believe in creation or evolution,!!
DC>> You do not have to answer that.Smile

WD> That's an easyone if a person claims to be a scientist, or look at
WD> things from a mainly science-angle.

I aggree Smile
hey but then you should acnolage that the earth's age at abt 4.5 billion years.

I have to wonder if the new hadron eccelerator will find the "god" partical.

I also wonder if we will learn anything about dark matter/energy.

It Sounds quite lonely if the universe continues to axpand.


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