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From: James Bradley (1:342/77)
To: All
Date: Sat, 03.05.08 08:05
The last of the thre
On or about: 04-13-08 12:35, Roy Witt did engage James Bradley regarding, but
not limited to: The last of the thre

RW> 12 Apr 08 18:05, James Bradley wrote to Roy Witt:

RW>>>> My question is; what do you feed carnivores?
ML>>>> herbivores...
JB>>> Almost right. Lips and end trails, and everything inbetween...
RW>>> You meant viscus, of course.
JB>> I think hyena, shark, and croc/gator relatives would take exception.
RW>> They don't like viscus?

JB> I didn't say that. I suggest they will pass hoof and hair through
JB> their gullet. I'm pretty sure a hyena cracks the bones open to get to
JB> the marrow.

RW> The characteristics of the Hyena is such that they regurgitate such
RW> things as hair, bones and hooves, which aren't completely digestable.

In the case of a hyena, it would pass their gullet twice, then.

RW> They're also known to eat the feces of other animals...

"Too much information" category.

JB>> But surely you meant viscera. That way, there'd be more to go
JB>> around.

RW>> Viscus is viscera. Just more refined.

JB> No, voluminous... Pass the fork, we're eating Vietnamese!

RW> I'll pass, thank you.

No chopsticks for you?

... James

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