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From: Dale Shipp (1:261/1466)
To: All
Date: Sun, 24.06.12 00:52
-=> On 06-23-12 05:21, Maurice Kinal spoke to Dale Shipp about a neat little test of utf And now you are moving from being condescending to being rude.

MK> I would apologize if I believed you would accept it.
MK> However my apology would be insincere and I am sure you
MK> would see through it.

And now for the first time, you have said something meaningful and true.
Good place to end this discussion.

Dale Shipp
fido_261_1466 (at) comcast (dot) net

... Shipwrecked on Hesperus in Columbia, Maryland. 22:54:33, 23 Jun 2012
___ Blue Wave/DOS v2.30

--- Maximus/NT 3.01
* Origin: Owl's Anchor (1:261/1466)


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