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Date: Sun, 10.11.19 06:37
Event: Warpstock Corporation (American continent): Digest for
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07 November 2019 01:19 AM UTC+01

Not able to attend this year's Warpstock in person?While it's not quite the
same as the live Warpstock experience, you may still watch and even participate
in the event.If you enjoy streaming the conference, please consider donating
(see PayPal Donate button on the left side of the homepage) to help defray the
cost of presenting Warpstock.First, visit the presentation schedule to find out
when your sessions of particular interest will be presented (remember, Orlando,
Florida is on Eastern Standard Time, GMT -0500). Next, follow the directions,
below:We will be using YouTube Live as our streaming server again this year. Go
to the WarpEvents page there. (For veteran streamers, open your YouTube app on
your smart TV or streaming device and just search for "WarpEvents" to find
it.)Once there, locate the Warpstock 2019 Live Stream.To ask questions live
during sessions, use IRC. The URL for the #netlabs channel is
irc://freenode/netlabs, or, if you prefer to access IRC via a web browser, you
may do so here.
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