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From: Vince Coen (2:250/1)
To: All
Date: Tue, 15.05.12 16:31
Opinion requested
Hello Ward!

14 May 12 11:30, you wrote to All:

> What I would like to intend is to assemble these remaining nets and
> their surving nodes in a "catch all" region where their initial
> nodelist-information still is intact. Meaning no new
> net/node-information, all links still valid, no points being bothered.

I suspect that this will occur more often as people leave so it is a good
time and idea, not sure how though and allow all to maintain their

May be wrap them under the country entries. Can they be placed under a
common wrapper if not possible, as I did'nt think it was, based on
existing fidonet structures.

> If someone finds it a bad idea, then please tell me why in your
> opinion that is so and what would be a better solution.

Hell no, go for it.


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