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From: Roy Witt (1:397/22)
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Date: Thu, 28.12.06 10:40
FidoNews Editor MIA?
28 Dec 06 14:47, Carol Shenkenberger wrote to Ward Dossche:

Sunda Strait.

CS> *** Quoting Ward Dossche from a message to Mike Luther ***

WD>> If you have stories to tell, please use the addressess mentioned
WD>> above

CS> Anything help with that info on the straights out here? I checked
CS> again. No special stuff. Could be size of ship?

CS> I transit that damn thing all the time. Best I can recall is the
CS> water is sometimes rough but it's a storm ridden area too at the time
CS> we normally cross it.

CS> Whe you get farther away from land, normally the 'chop' (waves) are
CS> so 'long' (wide) that you just get these swells which those of us
CS> used to sea, barely notice other than they rock you to sleep.

CS> Sorry, brain fart at the moment on the name of the spot other than
CS> that trail through Indonesia just below China. It's either before or
CS> after Singapore and always related to Singapore for our travel. It's
CS> where the huge volcano erupted that caused the 'year with no summer'
CS> and impacted even as far as all western Europe though the starvation
CS> in Asia was far worse.

CS> xxcarol

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