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From: Earl Truss (1:123/789)
To: All
Date: Fri, 28.09.07 09:54
So ... what does this have to do with Science? Or now that the shoe is on the
other foot, you no longer are concerned about rules? If you really believed in
rules, you'd not be posting the off-topic messages you have been - even like
the first one asking about the appropriateness of a message. You would be
leaving it up to the moderator.

You could easily get on my nerves.

Moderator - International Science Echo

"Jason Vierik -> Miles Maxted" wrote in message
JV> Re: Re: voting
JV> By: Miles Maxted to Jason Vierik on Fri Sep 28 2007 06:49 am

>> I take it from your footing that you're involved in radio comms

>> ... is it possible that you can recommend a replacement for my

>> failing Sangean ATS 803A ?

JV> Well, if your a Sangean man, I always liked the ATS-818CS as a kid but I
JV> don't

JV> think they make it anymore. Drake R8B's are nice if you have the cash. I

JV> owned an Icom IC-R75 and that is an amesome reciever for the money. Best

JV> have heard on AM in awhile (Beats my 746-pro transciever in AM recieve).

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