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From: robert wolfe (1:116/18)
To: All
Date: Mon, 20.09.21 13:55
-> This message was originally addressed to Robert Wolfe
-> and was forwarded to you by plt.

-> Does anyone know where I can get a working copy of WCNav. The one that
-> came with the CD pop up dll or memory errors after I login.

-> ----------------------------------------
-> -> Did you try sending an areafix and filefix request to me via netmail
-> -> to connect to everything? Also, I think I sent you a link to the
-> -> WINSnet info pack. If not, pleaes email me and let me know.
-> ->
-> Never got info on winsnet and my email from wildcat just does notwork.

-> --- InterEcho 1.20
-> * Origin: Omicron Theta/WC4 * Memphis TN *

Did you try Santronics's BBS? Also, what version of Windows are you
running it under?

... Hey, watch me pull a Tagline out of this message.
--- Wildcat! v8.0.454.12 (May 9 2021), Editor Mod v2.1
* Origin: Omicron Theta * Southaven MS * (1:116/18)


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