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From: Richard Webb (1:116/901)
To: All
Date: Mon, 24.09.12 23:18
FIdogazette Vol 6 no 16
Hi Janis,

On Mon 2012-Sep-24 11:25, Janis Kracht (1:261/38) wrote to All:

JK> Questions New SysOps Often Ask...

I note your discussion of mailers in this piece.

IN case it'll help some of the newcomers I did a piece
discussing the different techniques of dynamic mailers and
static mailers, as well as a bit on security issues related
to same, probably the fourth or fifth column I did once you
took on the editorship of fg. If you like you're welcome to use it to help
educate new sysops, or even rework it if you

Btw, my numbering scheme should be back on track, since I
had to rebuild my archive things got grunged a bit, but this last one I sent
you should have been 037 instead of 027 I
see as I look through the rebuilt archives.

* Origin: (1:116/901)


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