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From: Gert Andersen (2:230/0)
To: All
Date: Tue, 07.04.20 12:26
/pktsort /rolf
Hello Gert Andersen!

Monday March 30 2020 12:01, you wrote to me:

BP> Hello Gert!

BP> 30 Mar 2020 09:47, Gert Andersen wrote to Benny Pedersen:

GA>> And it is set to be SB No.

BP> good

GA>> -+- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20170303, Gentoo Linux kernel 4.4.39

BP> you running with a very old kernel with secureity bugs, upgrade to 4.9
BP> stable or as me atleast 5.5.13, i hope you dont lost all the spirit
BP> with gentoo as Janus did

I know but it is the gentoo source there not will do its update update right by
by command emerge --oneshot portage, there said I have to use SHH5 and must use
6 or 7 for it.

BP> Regards Benny

BP> ... there can only be one way of life, and it works Smile

BP> --- Msged/LNX 6.1.2 (Linux/5.5.13-gentoo-x86_64 (x86_64)Wink
BP> * Origin: I will always keep a PC running CPM 3.0 (2:230/0)

Take care
Gert Andersen

--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20170303, Gentoo Linux kernel 4.4.39
* Origin: The KofoBBS (2:230/150@fidonet)


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