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From: Binkd Team (2:5020/1042)
To: All
Date: Sat, 19.06.21 00:40
binkd FAQ [4/4]


A2. I Want To Talk To Developers

Dmitry Malov who is the author of the first binkd versions does not
develop it any more now. Since year 2000 the project is coordinated by
Pavel Gulchouck 2:463/68 (Pavel Gulchouck <>). He also
writes the most part of the code.

There is a mailing list for developers and testers:

To subscribe to it write a message:


subscribe binkd-dev


A3. I Want To Get Information About Changes In binkd Immediately!

Please subscribe to the mailing list the
changes in the sources are sent here (you may also test patches for errors).
You may read how to subscribe in the previous answer.

There are two FIDOnet echomail conferences for discussions on binkd and
for dialogue of the users and the developers: Russian RU.BINKD and
international BINKD (in English). Please look for them at echomail hubs Smile.


A4. And When Will binkd Do ... ?

Maybe it will do it some time in the future. And maybe not. You may wait
until the feature you wish will be implemented or you may "fix" it yourself:
the source code is open. Please do not forget to send your patch to the
developers, it will be possibly included in the main development branch and
for sure it will be put to the Web site or the FTP archive.

=== The end.
--- hpt/lnx 1.9.0-cur 2021-05-03
* Origin: Moscow, Russia (2:5020/1042)


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