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From: August Abolins (1:396/45.29)
To: All
Date: Sun, 13.06.21 20:52
It Booted
Hello Ed Vance!

** On Thursday 10.06.21 - 11:40, Ed Vance wrote to Mike Powell:

EV> Thanks to Jean Parrot who wrote in this echo long ago
EV> about his experience of using a CD with Ubuntu v7.04 as a
EV> Live CD to try learning about Ubuntu.

EV> He called Ubuntu "U'u" in his messages, and I still use
EV> that abbreviation.

EV> Jean's success gave me the idea to try playing with U'u
EV> myself so I downloaded a copy of U'u v7.04, burned it on a
EV> CD-R disk, and ran it as a Live CD to see what I could
EV> learn.

Where is Jean Parrot these days?

He was a great help to me too. He sent over on old Win98 laptop
that might be suitable for a library user terminal that I had
in mind. He sent me a couple of routers (that supported serial/
dialup) connectors to a modem, which he had outgrown. I sent
him some supplies of printer inkjet refills that I was not
interested in using anymore.

He was quite a fine presence in this echo.

I know that he was already quite up in years when I last

--- OpenXP 5.0.50
* Origin: (1:396/45.29)


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