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From: Rick Christian (1:135/377)
To: All
Date: Wed, 29.01.20 14:38
news.bytemuseum and news.wpusa???? Gone....???
Hello mark!

25 Jan 20 08:53, you wrote to me:

ml> if you are referencing *, that was my old domain that
ml> i dropped at the beginning of 2019 for $REASONS... the new domain is
ml> which is running a completely different software
ml> suite... no more bubblegum and shoestring tying together disparate
ml> packages...

Hmmm. I guess I didn't use in 2019.. hhmmm... any way.... OK.. I have a test
setup of JAMNNTPD that I fixed to respond correctly to PAN's requirements or
some RFC that PAN was folling or whatever ... never moved it outside
testing.... nor much of what I did ... I had wanted to move it to a VPS at my
DC.. but who knows it lanquished and I only use my internal VM ....

I get it to use something easier to setup/maintain.. I just like ARCHAIC
setups! Smile Smile ;) I am old... sue me! I still might play with getting FrontDoor
to run in a DOSBox on Linux to go via TCP/IP v. modem.. like I said I like my
old school ways! DUH I wouldn't be on FTN stuff otherwise... new hotness ain't
always the greatest thing...

ml> i've not tested extensivly but news should be available on the above
ml> domain (no more subdomains like news, mail, smtp, pop3, etc)... you

Ok.. I'll look at it later.. since I need to create an account...

Any one know what happen to Net 393 and Ben Richey?????? I sent an email to
address I had no joy.... seems to drop out of the nodelist about OCT 19 or


... NOprah!
--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20161221
* Origin: Vina's Talos Moon Base Alpha (1:135/377)


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