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From: Tommi Koivula (2:221/360)
To: All
Date: Fri, 03.01.20 10:27
jamnntpd issues, smapinntpd
Nil Alexandrov wrote:

NA> >> Should we continue using smapinntpd then?
NA> TK> That might be a good idea. At least in 64bit linux.
NA> Looks like smapi version is the logical continuation of the project, though
NA> could have been done as a build option, link with JAMLIB or SMAPI. Hope can
NA> this echo conference for SmapiNNTPd related stuff.

This is the most perfect echo for smapinntpd too. ;)

NA> Here's my list of TODO ;-)
NA> * Socket reuse (just one line fix, otherwise you need to wait a few mins
NA> restart).

I have noticed this too, but it happens only when the server is closed when
users online. Nice to be fixed anyway.

NA> * Having been integrated with Husky project, specifically with SMAPI
NA> so why not using the fidoconf to read out groups.

The current perl script works fine but why not. Smile


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