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From: Nil Alexandrov (2:5015/46)
To: All
Date: Fri, 03.01.20 09:21
Field TO in reply message
Hello, Fabio!

Thursday January 02 2020 23:36, from Fabio Bizzi -> Nil Alexandrov:

FB> I don't expect nothing, I'm not a developer nor an nttp expert, I was
FB> just reporting a behaviour that maybe can help someone expert like
FB> you. Have a nice debug.

I have looked into the implementation details of what goes into Fidonet 'To'
field when you follow-up on (reply to) a message in jamnntpd/smapinntpd.

When you view an article, the 'To' field from the JAM message will show up as
an optional 'X-Comment-To:' header.

When you post an article as a result of a follow-up, your client may provide an
optional field 'References: ' with the message-id of the original message you
replied to (and sometimes the whole chain).

I have tested with Thunderbird for Mac and NewsTapLite for iOS and both passed
the correct 'References: ' header. Jamnntpd/smapinntpd will look up that
message-id from the 'Reference: ' header in the JAM database and will extract
the 'From' field of that message. That 'From' name will become a 'To' field of
the newly posted message. That 'From' name will also be used as initials when
smart quoting feature is enabled.

Best Regards, Nil
--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
* Origin: -=NIL BBS=- (2:5015/46)


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