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From: DAVID WILLIAMS (1:250/514)
To: All
Date: Tue, 03.07.07 23:20
-> That's another question. We have it in 33 cl bottles and cans but from where

-> comes that odd volume? Why not 30 or 35?

I wonder why Europeans use centilitres. Here in North America, we use
millilitres for amounts less than a litre but more than a few drops.

And why is fuel consumption measured in "litres per hundred
kilometres"? Centilitres per kilometre (cL/km) would be the same number
and, at least for Europeans, would use only familiar units. Here, we
might use mL/km, which would be a number ten times bigger. The Smart
car, for example, on a highway, is rated at 37 mL/km. That makes
perfect sense to me. A couple of tablespoons of gas would drive the car
a kilometre.

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