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From: robert wolfe (1:116/18)
To: All
Date: Sat, 10.07.21 09:01
wcQWKnet 4.2 Now Available
MEMPHIS, TN - Poseidon SoftWork is please to announce the immediate
availability of wcQWKnet version 4.2 for Wildcat! Interactive Net
Server. wcQWKnet is a QWK/REP-by-FTP module that utilizes WINServers
own internal FTP code to handle the process of QWK and REP file transfer
via FTP to systems running capable software (such as those running
Synchronet 3.x and higher).

While the distribution archive can be used for new installations, if you
are running 4.0 or the unreleased 4.1 beta version, you will be able to
unpack just the WCX files over the existing wcQWKnet WCX modules as this
is just a recompile release compiled with the latest WCC compiler
available from the AUP.

If you have any questions about this module, please contact Robert Wolfe
at or post a message in the QWKNet support message
area on my BBS at (telnet only).
--- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v7.0
* Origin: Omicron Theta * Southaven MS * (1:116/18)


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