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Date: Mon, 10.05.21 13:00
ES Picture of the Day 10 2021
EPOD - a service of USRA

The Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) highlights the diverse processes
and phenomena which shape our planet and our lives. EPOD will collect and
archive photos, imagery, graphics, and artwork with short explanatory
captions and links exemplifying features within the Earth system. The
community is invited to contribute digital imagery, short captions and
relevant links.

Fireflies in Nuevo Leo'n, Me'xico

May 10, 2021


Photographer: Pavel Vorobiev
Summary Author: Pavel Vorobiev

In many parts of the middle latitudes and tropics, fireflies appear
in great quantities during spring and early summer, particularly on
evenings that are warm and humid. Fireflies, also known as lightning
bugs or glow worms, emit light in the 510-610 nm portion of
the visible spectrum, primarily to attract mates. The photo above
shows the density of lightning bug traffic in Cienega de Gonzalez,
Nuevo Leo'n, Me'xico; the result of some 1.5 hours of exposure time.
Photo taken on June 30, 2020.

Cienega de Gonzalez, Nuevo Leo'n, Me'xico Coordinates: 25.3803, -100.2390

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