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From: Kostie Muirhead (1:134/17)
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Date: Thu, 30.07.20 16:35
Sports Doors On The BBS
Re: Sports Doors On The BBS
By: Daryl Stout to Charles Stephenson on Wed Jul 29 2020 06:48 am

DS> I got them through Doug Rhea at -- for likely at a reduced
DS> cost from what they were originally. I don't know if he's still around,
DS> let alone his website. He has been battling stage IV cancer for awhile.

He's still around, had a couple emails back and forth a few weeks ago when I
was trying to track something down. Didn't know about the cancer... hope he
either comes out ok, or gets some fulfilling time with those close to him. He
seems a decent fellow.
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