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Date: Mon, 17.05.21 20:35
Miami Dolphins
Head coach Brian Flores is eager to see his new set of wide receivers in
Speed is the top skill set that makes opposing defensive coordinators sweat
and the fins have plenty of it in first round draft pick Jaylen Waddle and free

agent signing William Fuller V. There is no excuse why quarterback Tua
Tagovailoa shouldn't excel in his second year in the league with this dynamic
duo of receivers. Fuller ran a 4.32 40 in the draft combine in 2016 and Waddle
was recorded running a 4.37 40 at a high school camp. When asked Waddle
said he normally runs in the high 4.2s or low 4.3s so here's hoping that they
bring that speed to the playing field every Sunday and they dominate the
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