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From: Andrew Alt (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Fri, 05.03.21 20:51
rmw compile warnings
-=> Maurice Kinal wrote to Andrew Alt <=-

MK> -={ 2021-03-03 16:41:54.152677967+00:00 }=-

MK> Hey Andrew!

AA> On Debian with gcc 8 I wasn't getting any warnings.

MK> No surprise here. Of all the different versions of gcc over the years
MK> gcc 4 was my favourite. That was the last release I was able to stick
MK> with pure C. Almost everything has gone downhill since.

AA> Any suggestions?

MK> Other than sticking with what you feel comfortable with, no. It works
MK> here despite the warnings so you don't really have much to sweat.

That's great. Thank you for trying it out and for the feedback. And for the
reminder not to look for problems when there aren't any. ;) I certainly don't
to sweat any more than I already do!

MK> Right now I am wrestling with the rustc/firefox breakage and whether or
MK> not to continue on this latest so-called upgrade into extreme
MK> overbloating of something I never ever cared about (ie gui/web crap).

Is the breakage related to the release of rust 2021 or something else?

Have a great weekend, Maurice... Smile Always nice to chat with you...


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