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From: HTick (2:230/150)
To: All
Date: Fri, 05.03.21 22:01
New files on The KOFO BBS
>Area : EPOD : EA: Daily Earth Science Pictures
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29455 Earth Science Picture of the Day
Setting Crescent Moon over California
05 March 2021
Magic Name: EPOD
A Service of
Universities Space Research Association
Orig: 1:317/3
29455 bytes in 1 file(s)

>Area : L10PNT0 : League-10 Boss Pointlists and Diffs
l10pnt.z64 204 Weekly League10 Boss pointlist.
Orig: 10:3/47
204 bytes in 1 file(s)

>Area : MODIS : EA: Daily MODIS image of Earth
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 511910 MODIS Picture of the Day
Snow in the Western United States
05 March 2021
Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
Plus published Report
Magic Name: MODIS
Orig: 1:317/3
511910 bytes in 1 file(s)

>Area : PNTLIST : Russia Pointlist files
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 580 NET5083 Pointlist
Orig: 2:5083/79
580 bytes in 1 file(s)

>Area : WEATHER : EA: Daily graphics forecasts for N.America
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 415712 Global Weather Maps
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science and Engineering Center
Orig: 1:317/3
415712 bytes in 1 file(s)

>Total 957861 bytes in 5 file(s)

* Origin: ** The KOFO BBS -> ** (2:230/150)


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