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From: Roy Witt (1:397/22)
To: All
Date: Wed, 20.06.07 10:10
20 Jun 07 10:06, Ward Dossche wrote to DAVID WILLIAMS:

DW>> I'm sure that if Coca Cola, the major breweries, and other drink
DW>> companies here in North America could save money by using steel
DW>> cans, then that's what they'd be doing. They don't, so they can't.

WD> Or simply outlawed? But good point.

WD> Could you do me a favor? Test a can there with a magnet please? And
WD> also the lid?

There's no need. We do have canned vegetables and fruits that are in tin
cans. They're not 100% steel, as the magnet will barely stick to those. At
first glance, due to the similar 'drawn' structure, I thought they'd be
aluminum too, but the magnet proves otherwise. Not so with the soda and
beer cans.

WD> Out here, in almost all of the EU, they're made of steel with a
WD> coating on the inside.. It caused recycling issues when imported cans
WD> from other materials got mixed in the waste stream.

When the US recyclers get the aluminum cans, they run a magnet through
them when they're on the scale, making sure they're not getting and paying
for steel cans.


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