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From: Oli (2:280/464.47)
To: All
Date: Mon, 15.02.21 12:04
2021 FTSC Standing Member Election -
Nick wrote (2021-02-12):

NA> On 12 Feb 21 14:50:41, Oli said the following to Nick Andre:

O>> Calling someone a troll is your definition of being polite?

NA> You are a troll who

no, YOU are the troll ... ;)

NA> (A) Started random shit with me quite some time ago
NA> because "you can" and

.... who is living in his own reality distortion field. One of the last times
you tried to troll me we weren't even in any discussion nor was my mail about
you. But because "you can" you have no problem throwing sexist shit at people
out of nowhere:

NA> So what? Are you that insecure about yourself?
NA> We can find some cranberry juice and Midol for your period, sweetheart.

Everything you accuse others of is exactly the BS you are doing. Should I
compile a best of nasty things Nick Andre the troll said?

NA> (B) Tries to take me to task technically but can't.

You rather derail the discussion than engage in the technical details. The
"very stable genius" move?

NA> So you invent things to whine about, like this:

O>> (question). Why is the FTSC unable to publish an FTS for the packet
O>> format(s in use for decades? I start to believe that some members of
O>> the FTSC don't even understand the difference between FTS-0001 F.1.
O>> and what's in use today

How is that an invention? See, FSC-0039/45/48 and discussions about FSP-1042.

NA> If you believe the FTSC does not live up to your expectations, then do
NA> something about it and get involved instead of running your mouth. Nobody
NA> is stopping you. ...

That is such an cheap excuse. The FTSC is exactly there for documenting
standards in use. Asking people to elect you as an FTSC member and than
throwing up your hands telling everyone you're not responsible for anything and
rather do nothing than [something worse than nothing] only shows that you are
more interested in wearing another hat than in the work the FTSC should be

to be continued ...

* Origin: . (2:280/464.47)


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