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From: Andrew Leary (1:320/219)
To: All
Date: Sun, 14.02.21 04:28
Future of web site
Hello Alexey!

14 Feb 21 07:27, you wrote to andrew clarke:

AV> These are primarily the git repositories. I'd be happy to use git for
AV> all our needs several years ago (when I was a member of the FTSC), but
AV> some old farts appeared unable to learn ever more simple things than
AV> git and gpg.

I'm certainly open to maintaining the document library via a git repository.

ac>> So to save on hosting costs

AV> I wouldn't go bankrupt whether I'd spend 0.01 RUB on it again. I have
AV> a number of servers with a plenty of resources, so those 17 Mb for the
AV> ${subj} are very hard to notice in a total load.

ac>> (and the risk of expiring etc)

AV> This is the only real risk.

I've got this under control; the US $16.88 per year is unlikely to bankrupt me

ac>> I suggest decomissioning the current FTSC web site and hosting
ac>> all the FTSC documents on GitHub, and uploading a snapshot to

AV> GitHub is distrusted (they are known to wipe whole projects due to
AV> politically "unreliable" people rarticipating there), so it could
AV> serve only as a mirror. Anyway, to do that we have to start using git,
AV> so here's a question: out of all candidates, who is familiar with it?

I'm not officially a candidate yet, but I am familiar with git; I use it for
mbsebbs, among other things.

ac>> Then if anyone still wants to go to the trouble of keeping the
ac>> domain & web site alive they can redirect web visitors
ac>> to the GitHub repo instead.

AV> Fidonet is didstributed, so should be the storage. Git seems to be a
AV> good solution, but we should avoid using any and all centralized
AV> services.

I don't see an issue with using something such as GitHub or GitLab; however it
should not be the only archive for FTSC documents.

AV> Once we had the domain. In order to keep people away from
AV> using it as the only source of actual connection information, we had
AV> to let it expire (some people, including me, knew all the necessary
AV> bank reqs, but nobody had paid for it) and being squatted.

AV> Current ${subj} is a bit unfriendly to a search engines, but it's very
AV> friendly to mirroring software like wget. That's not what we could
AV> have with git, but it allows anyone to keep their own FTSC documents
AV> archive.


ac>> The Wikipedia entry for FidoNet could also point to both the
ac>> GitHub repo and snapshot, since they're fairly
ac>> relevant.

AV> Seems unwise. Keeping and adding some mirrors would be mush
AV> better.

I agree that the site should be maintained.

ac>> Hosting all the FTSC documents on GitHub would be particularly
ac>> useful since it would allow anyone to write bug reports or file
ac>> "issues" relating to the various FidoNet standards documents,
ac>> which may help any future developers. (Or historians...Wink

AV> "FidoNet is our primary mode of communication" // (q)

AV> So all reports should go here, to the FTSC_PUBLIC echoarea. Also, git
AV> can work over a netmail...



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