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From: Sean Dennis (1:18/200)
To: All
Date: Thu, 01.11.18 17:24
No compression to one node
Hello Torsten,

01 Nov 18 01:21 at you wrote to Fred Riccio:

TB> okay. I haven't found this defintions for the route.cfg of squish.

It's in the Squish manual (starting at page 74 under "Send"):

The optional NoArc modifier stops Squish from archiving the packet that is
created for the specified system. Squish will simply change all
normal-flavoured packets to the
specified flavour, placing all of the original packets into one large packet
file. The command "Send NoArc" has the same net effect as "Change Normal".
This modifier apples to BinkleyTerm systems only.


In the BinkleyTerm outbound area, using Send (without the NoArc modifier) has
the following result:

xxxxyyyy.OUT --> xxxxyyyy.MO? + xxxxyyyy.?LO

With the NoArc modifier, the result will be as follows:

xxxxyyyy.OUT --> xxxxyyyy.?UT


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