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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
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Date: Sat, 30.01.21 15:30
Fidonet Reference Library(FSC's)
Re: Fidonet Reference Library(FSC's)
By: Oli to Carol Shenkenberger on Fri Jan 08 2021 07:54 pm

> Oli wrote (2021-01-07):
> CS> Carol wrote (2021-01-06):
> >> All I really know about TELEGRAM is it works and I have all the same
> >> moderator controls as expected. Including to remove a user if they
> >> prove problematic (which none have been). To me, it's a unique OLR
> >> type setup. Not really different from using Bluewave etc. on the end
> >> seen from others.
> and it's also completely different from an offline reader, which doesn't
> involve big commercial third party messaging services with a privacy policy
> that the user hasn't agreed to.

Functionally it is not a BBS, but a way to read messages. It just uses a
smartphone or tablet type device for it. As to the 'privacy policy' that is on
the users to keep the data internal to the TELEGRAM delivery only. IE: no
porting to others or news-servers etc allowed. No public facing web page
portals allowed.

It becomes in essense an 'APP' on a smartphone and has good potential to reach
a wider audience.

Why do you fear it? Or do I misunderstand you?

To me, it's just a modern tech of the 2020's that operates in a point-to-point
delivery mode that functionall is a way to 'Offline Read' BBS messages in those
echos available and respond to what is essentially a 'Boss Node' on Fidonet who
then promulgates it to the rest of us. Harmless.

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