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From: Ulrich Schroeter (2:240/1120)
To: All
Date: Thu, 09.01.20 07:43
Z2PNT compile state (03.01.2020)
Hi Wilfred,

Wednesday January 08 2020 11:20, you wrote to me:

WV> Hi Ulrich,
WV> On 2020-01-08 07:07:34, you wrote to me:
US>>> I don't know what did happen, but in the pickup directory for
US>>> compile there was another segment then expected a file .004
US>>> dated 03.01.2020 05:09 and a headerline ;A Region Pointlist for
US>>> Friday, January 4, 2019 -- Day number 004 : 34005 ...
US>> I've corrected some script lines in the r50pnt received script

WV> Every region has their own script?

not any, but many ...
caused by ...
- different filenaming conventions
- different source formats (see FTS-5002)
- failures in the past that requires extra checks (crc checks, diff checks)

US>> and modified the inbound check routine
WV> We'll see the result friday. Thanks! ...

we'll see ...

WV> Bye, Wilfred.
WV> $ Origin: FMail development HQ (2:280/464)

regards, uli ;-)

* Origin: AMBROSIA - Bad Ueberkingen - Germany (2:240/1120)


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