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From: Bob Roberts (1:218/840)
To: All
Date: Fri, 22.01.21 15:46
deaf and dumb
AA> their wonderful unsolicited music, or something. At first I
AA> thought that maybe someone was delivering a singing telegram.
AA> But the request to pay for the performance combined with the
AA> begging really pissed me off more than anything.

Are you often the recipient of singing telegrams? It must have happened at
least once if this was even a possibility...

AA> lockdown) and cold (reduced heating). I thought it was unusual
AA> that someone wouldn't respond to my "Hello". He just comes up
AA> to the check-out counter and proceeds to pull out 3 different ID
AA> cards and lay them out. They looked rather worn from being
AA> stored in a pocket. I did not look very closely, but one of
AA> them had the words "deaf", "hearing", "please", "give".

This is similar to a scam I used to see in Airports, before 9/11, and still see
on public transportation in The City (San Francisco). A person, claiming to be
deaf, will hand out cards indicating their are deaf and soliciting a donation.
Sometimes it will be accompanied by an item which you can keep if you donate.
It's most often a small package of tissues. They will start at one end of the
car, hand out all their cards and tissue, then go back and pick up the tissue,
and/or donations left.

Bob Roberts
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