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From: Dave Drum (1:3634/12)
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Date: Thu, 21.01.21 15:40
St. Timothy 13
MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.06

Title: Timothy Hollingsworth's Roasted Santa Maria Tri-Tip
Categories: Beef, Vegetables, Herbs, Chilies, Citrus
Yield: 5 Servings

2 1/2 lb Tri-tip roast

1/2 c Olive oil
1 lg Onion; quartered
3 tb Chopped garlic
1 bn Thyme; chopped
1/4 c Balsamic vinegar
1 tb Onion powder
1 tb Garlic powder
1/4 ts Cayenne pepper
1/4 ts Red pepper flakes
Salt & pepper

MMMMM-----------------------PICO DE GALLO----------------------------
3 Roma tomatoes; diced
1 Jalapeño; seeded, diced
1 lg Red onion; diced
1 bn Cilantro; cleaned, chopped
2 Limes; juiced

Combine all marinade ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Cover the tri-tip with the marinade and let sit for 3
days (minimum of 6 hours if on a time crunch). Season
tri-tip with salt and pepper.

When ready to cook, start Traeger according to grill
instructions. Set temperature @ 450ºF/232ºC (set @
500ºF/260ºC if using a WiFIRE-enabled grill).

Brown tri-tip on all sides, rotating when necessary.
Grill tri-tip 30-40 minutes total. Remove from grill
and allow to rest 10 minutes before slicing against
the grain.

FOR THE PICO DE GALLO: In a medium-sized bowl, toss all
ingredients with lime juice and salt.

Serve sliced tri-tip with pico de gallo. Enjoy!

CHEF'S NOTE: The marinade breaks meat down and sweetens
it in a way that even though you may have to cook it
more than medium-rare you still get this great flavor
and char because of the marinade.

This recipe was provided by Pro Team member Chef Timothy

Serves: 5 - 6


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