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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Thu, 02.01.20 21:02
My feline...
>> Cool Whip? Smile Smile She sounds like a wild one. When I see my grown up
>> kitties acting too sedate, I toss some catnip around ... Does the trick Smile
>> What color is Dee Dee?

> Loves it! Starts jumping around and mewing.

Lol, a kitty who KNOWS what she wants

> DeeDee is an American Shorthair. Mostly gray/black with white feet and
> undersides. There are a couple of tan spots on nose and flanks.

She sounds so cute Smile I'm a little partial to white/gray/black with tan/orange
spots - those are just the colors of my first very own kitty who I found in our
basement when I was about 10 years old - her mom had her litter down there and
I was thrilled when I found them Smile I had her with me until I was about 20 -
she used to love to sleep on my chest at night, and when I was awake, she'd
sleep in the nook of my arm/elbow as I walked around our house Smile

>She's a cutie patootie. She also is a ambush tactician. No less than four
>times > before I get out the door for work.

haha - she just wants you to stay home and play Smile

Take care,

--- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-4
* Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)


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