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From: Sean Dennis (1:18/200)
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Date: Tue, 01.10.19 15:43
A nice story
Hello All.

I found this today online. I think I will have to make the 30 minute drive in
to meet some kitties. Smile

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Cats roaming Halloween Express store encourage shoppers to adopt

by: Ashley Sharp

Posted: Oct 1, 2019 / 07:57 AM EDT / Updated: Oct 1, 2019 / 07:57 AM EDT

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) While shoppers are out tracking down this
year's top Halloween costume and decor, they might leave the Halloween
Express on North Roan Street with a new, furry friend.

Inside the store are five to six not-so-creepy crawlers. Shelter cats have
free range of the store while they wait for a forever home.

It is a sight that gets quite the kick out of customers.

"That is the best part they come in like, `Oh there's a cat! There's
another cat!' It kind of opens the door to say, `Yes we have cats and here
they are up for adoption,'" says store owner Starr Beverly.

All of the cats are available to adopt through the Unicoi County Animal
Shelter. They are half-priced when purchased through Halloween Express.

Beverly says she hopes to help cats that were not so lucky in the shelter
find forever homes.

"It's hard to see a cat's personality when they are in the shelter. Here
they have free range, they can jump on the counters, they can love on
people, people can pick them up and carry them around the store. Next
thing you know they fall in love and they are taking a cat home," says

This is a partnership that was welcomed by the Unicoi County shelter.

"She messaged me one day and was like `Hey, what do you think about
putting cats in the store?' and I was like, `I love it. How many do you
want, how many can I bring you?'" says Kevin King, shelter director.

Last year, 12 cats were adopted out of the store. This year they have
already found homes for seven, after only being open for a about three

"Some of the cats that she has gotten adopted here have sat in the shelter
for 6, 7 months and no one would even look at them. Versus, they come here
and you can see their personality and they get adopted in two days," says

It's something Beverly says is a win for everyone. It drives people to the
animal shelter, gives cats a second chance and even brings in business to
her store.

"People do come back. They're like, `Oh, I'm back to see the cats today'
and they usually end up buying something while they are here," says

Halloween Express is located at 2102 N. Roan Street in Johnson City. Their
hours are: Monday - Thursday 11 to 8; Friday & Saturday 11 to 9; Sunday 1
to 7 p.m.

The Unicoi County Animal Shelter has many more cats and dogs available for
adoption at their location on 185 N. Industrial Dr. in Erwin, TN.
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From: Sean Dennis (1:18/200)
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Date: Wed, 02.10.19 01:50
Re: A nice story
-=> August Abolins wrote to Sean Dennis The kittens would be let out in the mornings for about an
AA> hour before the shop would open to the public. We could
AA> not have free-roaming kittens in case they run outside.

I can completely understand that. I think these kitties are protected
by a secondary internal screen door at this shop if I remember right.


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