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From: Stas Mishchenkov (2:460/5858)
To: All
Date: Mon, 04.01.21 12:28
Mongolian Metal
Hi, August!

04 ﭢ 21 03:24, August Abolins -> Marc Lewis:

>> [snip]
>> SM> Golden Earring - Going To The Run
>> SM>
>> One of my favourites.

AA> Nobody can go wrong with a slow and dramatic rock BALLAD. ;)

AA> Never heard that one above. It's not bad at all.

AA> But the lines "On the back of a Harley, He took me for a ride in the sky"
AA> ..sounds like it is a song about a last fateful bike ride.

Not quite so, although, in the end, the main character still dies.

Have nice nights.
Stas Mishchenkov.

* Origin: Lame Users Breeding. Simferopol, Crimea. (2:460/5858)


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