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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Tue, 19.01.21 10:20
all banking by appointment only
Hello Shawn!

** On Tuesday 19.01.21 - 12:12, Shawn Highfield wrote to August Abolins:

AA>> ..The first thing she asks me is do I have an appointment.
AA>> Frig. I look around and say, "Am I using up someone
AA>> else's slot?"

SH> Yep. I haven't delt with a teller in 6 years now. If I
SH> have cash to deposit I use the machine. If I have
SH> questions I just phone the toll free numberfrom home.

That's pretty good. The banks have become service-less
entities. They really don't need all the humans behind those
teller counters. My original point was that there was NO ONE
else in the bank except a bunch of tellers, and I was made to
feel like I did something BAD by not having an appointment.

The human thing to do would have been to simply allow me to
conduct my banking (since I was obviously not interferring with
anyone's appointment slot)

The whole situation is shameful - 4 tellers, not doing anything
except clicking their mice - and one of the tellers has the
audacity to ask me if I have an appointment.

She could have just smiled and said something like "going
forward, please make an appointment", but she did not. Instead,
I was treated like some persona non grata or a walking disease.
Meanwhile, the bank charges "service" fees.

SH> I'm sure it's just so they don't have to work and can
SH> charge you more service fee's in the future.

Banks have become soulless and service-less. It is a travesty
that they use the term "service" for "service fees" and have
managed to condition the public to accept it - when they
practically do not offer any real service at all.

I am being charged a minimum of $5/mo to have an account "open"
whether there is any activity or not. Perhaps I should ponder
establishing the same thing with those bank employees whether
they visit my shop or not.

AA>> make deposits. There isn't a whole lot of cash to
AA>> account for anyway. Meanwhile, the bank charges a month'y
AA>> maintenance fee for nothing to maintain! It's a lot of
AA>> crap.

SH> Use the cash for gas and groceries. Fuck them.

Oh.. I'm ahead of you. I've only ever used cash for personal
purchases. The cashiers at the grocery stores always seem
surprised when I pull out cash - and never bother with "points"

Fuel purchases are good with the credit-card. I get a modest 3%
discount when I use that - plus I can earn AirMiles cash on that

But sometimes I need to top-up the chequing account with the
physical cash that I have laying around. In that case, I may
just have to make an appointment, but it will have to be on MY
terms, on a specific day at a specific time - or I may decide to
use the damn night-depost box - but I hate both options.


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