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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
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Date: Thu, 19.11.20 01:10
Graphic Novel
Hello Charles!

** On Wednesday 18.11.20 - 21:45, Charles Pierson wrote to August Abolins:

CP> I know the price is from the publisher. I understand how all of that
CP> works. I have been on enough writers mail lists to pick up on that.

CP> My point is still valid. They set the price because there are people that
CP> will pay that price.

The retail price for the new vanity book by Barack Obama is
set at $55CDN. I have people resisting to pay the full price
because they boast that Amazon is selling for $20. Are you
suggesting that it is therefore poor business choice to stock
the book if I am not willing to sell at the same loss as

AA>> shops have simply given up - and far too early IMHO - when the
AA>> the ereader was introduced around year 2006.

CP> Here, I think B&N chased everyone off.

I think if some of the independents had rallied together (for
support and promotional ideas) they might still be around.

AA>> ..The total startup cost is substantial - for me.
AA>> There are yearly fees to keep the system going.

CP> I've looked into online stores. It's painful.

The covid lockdown has not helped the matter. It has driven me
into 5-figures of debt - instantly. It is not an easy peasy
solution to just pay for and configure an online presence

AA>> Explain to me how could I sell at below cost (to compete with
AA>> the 4-letter companies) and maintain the fees for an online
AA>> ordering system.

CP> You can't you can't do their volume.

Ah.. there is another misconception. I *can* do the volume of
the big guys if I wanted. First, I would need extended
storage. Then, I can send back the copies that do not sell
(within a deadline set by the publisher.Wink In truth, Amazon is
making money from other products, not the books. They are
simply undercutting the traditional independent book store,
upselling memberships for their music/movie streaming, the
yearly fee membership for even more apparent discounts and
free shipping, and simply returning unsold copies to the

I told my agents that I can do the same thing - if they want
to process a whole pile of returns every month for every book.

I asked them.. compared to me and other independents, from
whom do they process the majority of overstock? The answer
was not surprising.

Amazon orders overstock. That makes them look like a good
customer to the publisher for an order. But the quantities of
returns gets little scrutiny.

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