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From: Charles Pierson (1:154/10)
To: All
Date: Thu, 12.11.20 08:00
Counting votes
Hello, Gerhard Strangar -> Charles Pierson.
On 11/12/20 6:58 AM you wrote:

> Am 11 Nov 20 14:33:32 schrob Charles Pierson an Gerhard Strangar
> zum Thema <Counting votes> CP> This year, it was more complicated
> because of a larger number of mail in CP> ballots than normal.
> What's complicated about those? We use two envelopes, the outer one
> contains the name of the person who voted and needs to be on the
> list and not have voted yet. Then the outer envelope gets opened and
> the inner one goes into the mail-in box. After that, the inner ones
> get opened and the ballots are put onto different stacks than the
> in-person votes (to verify if the results differ are lot, which
> might be due to attempted fraud). But neither opening envelopes nor
> counting ballots is complicated.

Not necessarily the mail in ballots themselves, but the volume of them.
The sheer number of mail in ballots surprised me.

I mean, I can understand not wanting to go be in a large crowd on
election day to vote. However, with the early voting option, I had many
family members all over the country go vote in person without crowds.

I simply don't trust the mail enough to be 100% confident my ballot
wouldn't get lost accidentally, let alone any potential fraud. I've had
too many instances of mail not mine being delivered to my address to
feel otherwise, and not just my neighbors, but mail for addresses not in
my neighborhood.

Best regards!
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