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From: Benny Pedersen (2:230/0)
To: All
Date: Mon, 06.08.18 16:33
zip and unzip
Hello Alan!

05 Aug 2018 21:28, Alan Ianson wrote to All:

AI> What do you folks use to compress and decompress zip files today?

zip, unzip

AI> One of my links is having problems with my inbound mail archives being
AI> renamed to bad because pkunzip is running out of memory.

its buggy then

AI> I suggested that infozip's zip and unzip might work better on his 32
AI> bit windows setup but I am not sure if that is true or not since I use
AI> linux. I use infozip's zip and unzip here.

----- zip begins -----
[I] app-arch/zip
Available versions: 3.0-r3 {bzip2 crypt natspec unicode}
Installed versions: 3.0-r3(12:19:07 05/26/18)(bzip2 crypt unicode
Description: Info ZIP (encryption support)

----- zip ends -----

----- unzip begins -----
[I] app-arch/unzip
Available versions: 6.0_p20 6.0_p21-r2 {bzip2 natspec unicode}
Installed versions: 6.0_p21-r2(18:14:17 04/10/18)(bzip2 unicode -natspec)
Description: unzipper for pkzip-compressed files

----- unzip ends -----

what else does fail ?

AI> I am also not sure of the command line for compress.cfg for infozip so
AI> if you could post your command line and comments on the above it would be
AI> appreciated.

in my huskyconf

----- config begins -----

Pack lha lha -ad $a $f
Pack zip zip -9 -j -q $a $f

DefArcmailSize 1024
MinDiskFreeSpace 10

packNetMailOnScan off

Unpack "arc x $a $p'*.*' $f" 0 1a
Unpack "lha -eifw=$p $a $f" 2 2d6c68
Unpack "unrar e -y $a $p $f \* > /dev/null" 0 52617221
Unpack "unzip -joLqq $a -d $p $f" 0 504b0304

----- config ends -----

Regards Benny

... there can only be one way of life, and it works Smile

--- Msged/LNX 6.1.2 (Linux/4.17.12-gentoo (x86_64)Wink
* Origin: I will always keep a PC running CPM 3.0 (2:230/0)


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