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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
To: All
Date: Fri, 05.10.12 17:54
01 Jan 70 00:00, Ardith Hinton wrote to Roy Witt:

AH> Hi, Roy! Recently you wrote in a message to alexander koryagin:

ak>>> As it is known, "fuel" is an uncountable noun. But
ak>>> is it true after "such"? Is it an error to write
ak>>> like this? My tongue puts "a" involuntary. ;)

Roy>> It can be written in this manner if you're comparing
Roy>> fuels.

AH> ... as I did in my reply, which I was about to post when I
AH> saw yours. I appreciate knowing others share my perceptions if I'm
AH> trying to explain from scratch *why* native speakers of English do
AH> what they do. Smile

I noticed in yours that you included food as a fuel...good choice. I
hadn't thought of it in that way.

AH> You've given me another idea WRT how long this has been
AH> going on & in what context as well. Food = fuel for our bodies. I
AH> thought I'd seen similar examples in reading about nutrition, and
AH> sure enough...

AH> From the index of a Canadian home ec. textbook, 1932:

AH> Fruits [followed by an itemized list]

AH> From a heading in the appendix of a US publication,
AH> with
AH> detailed charts analyzing the nutritional content,
AH> 1975:

AH> Oils, Fats, and Shortenings

AH> Thankyou.... Smile

The above should broaden the use of the word fuel for everyone...



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