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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Tue, 05.12.06 12:55
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Roy!

On Monday December 04 2006 13:55, you wrote to Carol Shenkenberger:

RW> That reminds me. MvdV wrote an article in the snooze that brings up a
RW> problem in your zone segment. Roati, among others, are listed without
RW> any contact information. Roati, among others, are listed as *Cs
RW> without any contact info. A big no-no, yet we see it more and more
RW> these days.

What we have seen is the emergence of ION RCs and hosts. This however is a new
developement that puts us further down on thge slope. Terry Roati is not ION,
he not reachable at all. Not by POTS/ISDN and not by InterNet.

RW> We can't expect Fidonet to grow with this happening.

What we can expect is it to quickly desintegrate this way.

CS>> Basically it got too complex to fix in fast timeframes.

RW> It's quite easy to do; assign them to other Zones and get it over
RW> with.

The most optimistic count of zone 6 tells us there are eight sysops left. A
more realistic count says two or three. How hard can it be to relocate them to
another zone?

CS>> The ship (XO) wants me to extend onboard really bad and will get
CS>> it approved if i ask. Something about me being able to reliably
CS>> handle 1.6M$ in training funds which isnt an easy skill to find
CS>> or learn.

RW> So you'll be too busy with your work to be an affective ZC...

The sad reality is that Z6 is too small to function as a zone. Not enough
manpower left to run the show. If the best they can come up with for ZC is
someone who is away from the system for 6 month of the year, and if they are
totally dependent on Z1 systems to move their mail, I think enough is said.

Sad, but those are the hard facts. Denying the facts and living in a dream
world has never gotten anyone anywhere.

RW> They don't seem to be too worried about whether or not they're
RW> available for Fidonet activity - time to cut them loose...

He, we agree! Let's not make a habit of it. ;-)

Cheers, Michiel

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