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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: All
Date: Mon, 26.02.18 08:28
On 2018 Feb 25 10:08:56, you wrote to me:

ml>> i would think you would do it the same was as on winwhatever... point
ml>> a com port that is mapped to telnet... the real question is if it wil
ml>> letters and numbers from domain names like it does for phone
ml>> numbers.. other end would also have to support UUCICO over telnet,
ml>> too...

RW> The issue is is that my UUCP uplink does not allow that, but he does
RW> allow UUCP connections over the standard UUCP port, which is what I
RW> would need a UUCP client for OS/2 to do.

"standard UUCP port"??? that would seem to be different than what you asked
about in the first place... if it is a different port, make sure it is
specified like we do when dialing other systems on non-standard ports... but
then it is still wrapped in a telnet wrapper... hell, get the code and compile


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