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From: Charles Pierson (2:221/6.21)
To: All
Date: Mon, 26.10.20 12:08
2020, The year that Keeps on giving
Hello, August Abolins.
On 10/26/20 5:53 PM you wrote:

CP>> That is pretty much any utility company. Especially of they
CP>> contract out.
AA> I can understand outsourcing to accommodate times outside normal
AA> business hours outside one's domestic region. But even if I
AA> reached an office in British Columbia at my local time in Ontario
AA> - 6:30p - that would have been only 3:30p BC time - and the jobs
AA> would have been domestic.

I don't know. Here at least, it seems the utilities contract out a lot of their
work. I suppose it's cheaper to hire subcontractors than to carry more

AA> On the phone, they were more concerned about my covid-19 status (I
AA> had to answer several questions) than the "emergency" that an
AA> overhead wire was hanging low over a public road.

That sounds about right.

Best regards!
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