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From: Oli (2:280/464.47)
To: All
Date: Mon, 26.10.20 17:20
Nodelist Thoughts?
Nil wrote (2020-10-25):

NA> As a side note, there was a movement led by a few R50 sysops to run
NA> binkp/binkd in I2P network about two years ago, though mostly rejected by
NA> the rest of sysops.

i2p makes a lot of sense. Easy to configure, no stupid certs, no DNS and solves
the NAT problem automatically. It's a bit slow, but hey, fidonet has less
traffic nowadays than in the 80s when we had dialup modem connections.

My point (and othernet node) is reachable via Tor onion service and i2p. A
nodelist flag for overlay networks would be useful too (like
IOV:hexhashaddr1.i2p,IOV:hexhashaddr2.onion or
I2P:hexhashaddr1,ION:hexhashaddr2). Who cares if other sysops reject it as long
as some nodes use it.

* Origin: (2:280/464.47)


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