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From: Mike Powell (1:2320/105)
To: All
Date: Sun, 25.10.20 10:32
Winter is coming?
>The crazy part is some trays I had seeds in that didn't sprout when my plants
>owing now did, are sprouting like crazy. I have like 20 little plants going.

Now that is pretty crazy! So, you grow your cherry tomato plants from
seed? I usually buy the small plants each Spring.

I had a neighbor where I used to live that had apparently dropped some
tomatoes, or seeds, by accident near the fencerow. A Spring or few later,
we had tomatoes growing along the fence. Those came back for two or three
years later.

He had dogs and a young child, so I suspect one of them may have dropped a
tomato there. The kid may have thrown it off the side of the deck so as
not to have to eat it.

I have never had much luck growing them from seed on purpose, though. Smile

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