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Date: Fri, 23.10.20 13:00
ES Picture of the Day 23 2020
EPOD - a service of USRA

The Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) highlights the diverse processes
and phenomena which shape our planet and our lives. EPOD will collect and
archive photos, imagery, graphics, and artwork with short explanatory
captions and links exemplifying features within the Earth system. The
community is invited to contribute digital imagery, short captions and
relevant links.

Great Beauty in Dark Days

October 23, 2020


Photographer: Menashe Davidson
Summary Authors: Menashe Davidson

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and
no culture comparable to that of the garden." - Thomas Jefferson

Gardening, besides being a practical, life-nurturing task, is to me
also always a spiritual activity. I’m fortunate in that I’m able to
maintain a commercial bearing citrus plantation and a home
garden in which ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, are
grown in pots. The photo above, taken on July 30, 2020, in my
home garden in Rishon LeZion, Israel, demonstrates how I add
interest and beauty by mixing flowers with different characteristics.
Flower-packed groups using four different species allows me to obtain
the look I desire.

Ruellia (top left) - a popular perennial ornamental plant, flowers
from midspring through the first cool days of fall, with purple/blue
Lily (top center) - herbaceous flowering plant growing from bulbs,
with large prominent flowers, flowering late spring to midsummer.
Hollyhock (top right) - an annual/biennial prominent plant with
very impressive flowers from May through July on stalks that can reach
heights of 9 ft (3 m).
Zinnia (bottom) - most popular to grow in summer months. An annual
plant, grown from seeds, flowering from May to October.
* Rishon LeZion, Israel Coordinates: 31.9730, 34.7925

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