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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: All
Date: Fri, 22.11.19 15:38
Squish on Linux (compile errors)
On 2019 Nov 21 20:56:36, you wrote to Wilfred van Velzen:

WV>> There's also the problem that the squish message base stores
WV>> date/time stamps with a resolution of 2 seconds. That has been
WV>> causing problems in the past where a squish system forwarded messages
WV>> to its other links with the date/times changed from the original, and
WV>> so causing undetected dupes on some systems.

OT> This might be a problem with some tossers, but it's not a problem with
OT> the Squish specification itself. It would surprise me, if Squish
OT> didn't use the original date for rescanned messages.

it cannot because it cannot store it properly... seriously, it uses the file
time record which only has 2 second seconds capability in DOS... it should be
using a different time record but...


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